KQ: To what extent can theoretical experiments be trusted?

There are some RLEs where only theoretical experiments are possible. There are other RLE where theoretical experiments are done and are then followed by physical experimentation. Look at some of these RLEs and look carefully at the relationship between reliability and certainty.

KQ: To what extent is practical research needed to verify findings?

This KQ would look at RLEs in a similar way to the previous KQ.

KQ: How does translation affect the study of literature?

How reliable is knowledge gained from literature in translation? How certain is it? Are there differences in reliable and certainty when translating between different languages (e.g. English to Japanese vs. English to Spanish).

KQ: What is the relationship between reliability and certainty in the arts?

This is very similar to the previous KQ; it is worded differently but it could examine RLEs in the same way.