Text extract from: Martin, Alexander. “GCHQ discovered ‘nationally significant’ vulnerability in Huawei equipment.” Sky News.

“Cyber security analysts tasked with investigating Huawei equipment used in the UK’s telecommunications networks discovered a “nationally significant” vulnerability last year.

Investigators at the UK’s Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre (HCSEC) found an issue so severe that it was withheld from the company, according to an oversight report published on Thursday…

There is a hypothetical concern that Beijing could purposefully design some kind of deniable flaw in Huawei’s equipment which it would know how to exploit – or that it could have been alerted to a potential attack vector once the issue was reported to Huawei.” https://news.sky.com/story/gchq-discovered-nationally-significant-vulnerability-in-huawei-equipment-12086688

Many western countries / companies view Huawei as an arm of the Chinese government and in some cases Huawei is being banned from providing equipment in sensitive areas.

May 2021 TOK Essay Prescribed Title #1 looks at whether or not trust in always a part of knowledge claims.

  • How much trust is involved in Huawei’s claims of independence from the Chinese government
  • How much trust is involved in western governments’ claims that Huawei is a defacto part of the Chinese government
  • Issues of trust and media reporting on Huawei