“People who appreciate the beauty of mathematics activate the same part of their brain when they look at aesthetically pleasing formula as others do when appreciating art or music, suggesting that there is a neurobiological basis to beauty.” https://www.ucl.ac.uk/news/2014/feb/mathematical-beauty-activates-same-brain-region-great-art-or-music

An essay on May 2021 TOK essay Prescribed Title #2 must focus on finding differences between change and progress. This RLE has a number of relevant areas that could be discussed:

  • Whether this new research is change or progress – it is not uncommon for a new piece of groundbreaking researcher to later be debunked
  • This new research may represent change in understanding but that doesn’t not necessarily equate to progress. Others would argue that the change in understanding itself is progress
  • Some conservative perspectives would argue that spending money on this kind of research is not beneficial at all and is definitely not progress.