Text: “Mycorrhizal Networks.” UBC Botanical Garden.

“[Fungal networks] have recently been discovered by Professor Suzanne Simard and her graduate students to connect the roots of trees and facilitate the sharing of resources in Douglas-fir forests of interior British Columbia, thereby bolstering their resilience against disturbance or stress and facilitating the establishment of new regeneration.” https://botanyphoto.botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/2010/03/mycorrhizal_networks/

This RLE is clearly a change in understanding in the natural sciences. However, that does not mean everyone will view it is progress. First all, all scientific research is held up to scrutiny, even after a research paper is published. Even if there are no fundamental problems with a piece of research, there are often disagreements about the conclusions, the relevance etc.

Additionally, not all people would view resources spent on this kind of research as progress. Some would argue that money is better spent on more immediate concerns.