Article: “Homosexual Activity Among Animals Stirs Debate.”

There is a large body of scientific research discussed in this National Geographic article about homosexuality behavior among animals. While this animal behavior is well-documented in the scientific community, some people interpret it in different ways.

Supporters of LGBT rights may use the research to support their views that if homosexual activity is fairly common in the animal world, then it supports the argument that LGBT people should not be discriminated against and should the exact same rights as everyone else. Some types of social conservatives may not accept the validity of the research or may argue that animal behavior should not be equated with human behavior.

May 2021 TOK essay Prescribed Title #4 leads to an investigation of how statistics can be used to conceal and reveal knowledge.

  • The use / discussion of statistics in the National Geographic article
  • The link between the use of statistics and the scientific method
  • How the research studies mentioned in the article use statistics
  • How different statistics are used by people and groups on different sides of the LGBT debate