Article: Doctor blames Andrew Wakefield and anti-vaxxers for her baby son catching measles

“A doctor has said public reaction to Andrew Wakefield’s discredited study linking the MMR vaccine to autism was to blame when her baby son caught measles.”

Despite the overwhelming scientific evidence showing the benefits of vaccinations, the anti-vaccination movement has grown in part to social media.

A key element of success with May 2021 TOK Essay Prescribed Title #5 is to find RLEs where AOKs work best together and other situations where AOKs are better on their own.

This RLE may be closely linked to the natural sciences, but it has clear links to ethics, the human sciences, and mathematics. Go through the RLEs individually and in pairs and see what appears to be most effective. Your answer will, of course, differ greatly from others looking at exactly the same RLE and AOKs.