Article : “The nacho Dorito”

The New York Times article explains how consumers are manipulated by the design of Doritos. Specifically, multiple elements of the chips are created to be physically and psychologically appealing which increases consumption. Naturally, consumption of junk food is not good for one’s health.

May 2021 TOK Prescribed title #1 is based on investigating links between knowledge claims and trust. This RLE has a number of possible connections to trust:

  • The scientists / companies trust in the predicability of human behaviors
  • Trust that the New York Time will report neutrally based on the facts. The NYT has a stellar reputation but not all people (or groups of people) have the same level of trust in the NYT or in the media in general.
  • Trust that government agencies will effectively regulate food companies so that they do not cause undo harm to the population
  • Trust in the science that shows the damage junk food causes
  • Trust in the writing process at a newspaper – e.g. the role that editors and fact-checkers have