Article : “The nacho Dorito”

The New York Times article explains how consumers are manipulated by the design of Doritos. Specifically, multiple elements of the chips are created to be physically and psychologically appealing which increases consumption. Naturally, consumption of junk food is not good for one’s health.

May 2021 TOK Prescribed title #3 is centered on labels. The Doritos RLE has significant links to labels including the following:

  • The use of the strong label “junk food” and the effect it has on consumers
  • The use of words like obese which play a significant role in the discussion of health and junk food
  • The labeling of people as “consumers” which some would argue diminishes their humanity and reduces them to a bit piece in the economy
  • Labels links to ethics which is important as in this RLE the scientists working for Doritos may be doing considerable harm to people