Text extract: Japan Today “Gov’t sued over disclosure of Abenomask unit price, order numbers.”

Note: The “Abenomask” program was created by former Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe.

“A law professor sued the government Monday demanding it reveal the unit price of washable cloth masks, dubbed Abenomasks, that were distributed for free to all households in Japan amid the coronavirus pandemic, as well as how many were ordered from each contractor.

In the suit filed with the Osaka District Court, Hiroshi Kamiwaki of Kobe Gakuin University claimed it is unreasonable for the government to withhold the information as it prevents discussion of the appropriateness of the policy to distribute the masks, which proved unpopular among the public with some questioning their cost effectiveness.” https://japantoday.com/category/politics/gov’t-sued-over-disclosure-of-abenomask-unit-price-order-numbers

The lawsuit, the Abenomask program, and the coronavirus pandemic have numerous connections to May 2021 TOK Prescribed title #5. The AOKs with the deepest links are ethics, the human sciences, and the human sciences. Have a look at specific aspects of the the lawsuit, the Abenomask program, and the coronavirus pandemic and then consider what can be learned from a solitary AOK versus AOKs in combination.