6. “Avoiding bias seems a commendable goal, but this fails to recognize the positive role that bias can play in the pursuit of knowledge.” Discuss this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge.

Avoiding bias – How is bias avoided in different AOKs and RLEs? In some cases experimental methodology helps reduce bias.  Public debates are a quite different way to possible avoid bias and both sides have an equal opportunity to present their argument. In some cases bias is not necessarily something that people try to avoid.

Commendable goal – Why in a particular AOK or RLE is a “commendable” to reduce bias?  Does it lead to more accurate knowledge, for example?  Or does it lead to a more neutral understanding of knowledge that has already been produced?

Positive role that bias can play – How does bias play a positive role in a particular AOK or RLE?  For example, a bias against processed / fast foods may lead a person to better health even with brands / foods they have not tried before.  A bias against a news website that has published a number of false new articles in the past is completely justified.  A quick Google search can lead you to a number of different situations where bias plays a positive role.

Pursuit of knowledge – Make sure it is clear in your RLEs exactly where and what the “pursuit of knowledge” is.  It also needs to be perfectly clear how bias has a positive or negative on the pursuit of knowledge in an RLE.