Text: “Whole class ‘shocked’ and ‘confused’ after teacher wears blackface to school, student says” CBC News.

Extract: “A student at a Toronto high school said his whole class was shocked and confused after a teacher wore blackface during Halloween celebrations on Friday.

The Toronto District School Board has since placed the teacher at Parkdale Collegiate Institute on home assignment.” https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/tdsb-parkdale-blackface-petition-1.6232252

There are different apsects of “the telling of stories” in this specific example:

  • The CBC news article itself is one kind of a story. Other news outlets may report the incident in very different ways.
  • There are a number of historians that have done research on history, entertainment, and racism. Other historians have published research on racism in education.
  • Education, sociology, psychology are human sciences that could be ways to approach this kind of a topic.

Students that choose this prescribed title must find and use specific examples that are directly connected to historians and human scientists.