Text: “How meditation can help you make fewer mistakes.” Science Daily. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/11/191111124637.htm

Extract: “The research, published in Brain Sciences, tested how open monitoring meditation — or, meditation that focuses awareness on feelings, thoughts or sensations as they unfold in one’s mind and body — altered brain activity in a way that suggests increased error recognition.

“People’s interest in meditation and mindfulness is outpacing what science can prove in terms of effects and benefits,” said Jeff Lin, MSU psychology doctoral candidate and study co-author. “But it’s amazing to me that we were able to see how one session of a guided meditation can produce changes to brain activity in non-meditators.”

The article linked above was not written by a human scientist but the actual research results were a kind of specific “story” that follows conventions agreed to by the scientific community. These conventions are important so that the findings can be verified.