Text: “Alberta Education Ministry assures parents it will stop publishing Nazi propaganda starting now.” The Beaverton.

Extract from the satirical article: “EDMONTON – The Alberta Ministry of Education has agreed to stop publishing a document that encourages educators to use materials that highlight the positive aspects of Nazi Germany, such as the Nazis’ economic policies, alongside the negative aspects, such as the war and genocide.

“Now that we have been made aware that this document we’ve published contains pro-Nazi sentiments, we’ll stop publishing it,” said Education Minister Adriana LaGrange when announcing the new policy. “From now on, Alberta does not publish pro-Nazi educational materials. That’s our guarantee. Not a retroactive guarantee, obviously.”” https://www.thebeaverton.com/2021/11/alberta-education-ministry-assures-parents-it-will-stop-publishing-nazi-propaganda-starting-now/

The satirical article takes aim at some of the conservative aspects of the province of Alberta and its government. There are different ways in which historians and human scientists (e.g. sociologists) have told stories to explain the conservative leanings of Alberta.