4. How do historians and human scientists give knowledge meaning through the telling of stories? Discuss with reference to history and the human sciences. 

“Historians and human scientists” – You need to talk about more than history and the human sciences with this prescribed title – you need to specifically discuss individual historians and human scientists.  You should look for specific examples where individual historians and human scientists are “telling stories.”

Also note that the prescribed title asks “How do historians…”. And not “To what extent do historians…” If the prescribed title started with “To what extent do historians…” you would have to discuss how stories are and are notused but that is not the case with this prescribed title.

“Knowledge” – make sure you are clear and specific in your essay about what kinds of knowledge you are focusing on.  Make sure the marker can see precisely what aspects of knowledge you are discussing in each paragraph of your essay.

“give knowledge meaning” – your essay must be able to pinpoint places in your specific examples where the telling of stories gives knowledge meaning.  You need clear concrete evidence to support your arguments.

“the telling of stories” – This may involve publication of academic research, seminars, lectures, etc.  Look for how the stories are told in your specific examples.  There may (or may not be) differences in the “telling of historians” between historians and human scientists.  There may also be significant differences between how stories are told between people in the study of history and between people in the study of the human sciences.  

“Discuss with reference to history and the human sciences.” – If you choose this prescribed title you have to discuss these (and only these) AOKs.