5. How can we distinguish between good and bad interpretations? Discuss with reference to the arts and one other area of knowledge. 

“distinguish” – There are numerous ways (sometimes the ways depend on the AOK) to distinguish between good and bad interpretations.  Some of the ways include peer review of academic publications, re-doing experiments, debates, etc.  You need to identify and analyze these different methods in the specific examples you choose to discuss in your essay.

“good and bad interpretations” – Sometimes it is very clear / easy to distinguish between a good and bad interpretation and sometime it is just a matter of judgement.  Different AOKs will have different ways of determining whether something is a good or bad interpretation.  Even within an AOK there will be significant differences – graffiti artists and kabuki actors (both artists) are held to very different standards and the way their artistic interpretations are distinguished between good and bad vary significantly. An “interpretation” could refer to how a historian interprets a source, how a mathematician interprets a data set, how an artist interprets an event, how a reader interprets a poem, etc.

“Discuss with reference to the arts and one other area of knowledge.”  – Your choices are limited but clear with this prescribed title – you MUST choose the arts and one other AOK.  If you do not write about the arts or you write about the arts and two other AOKs it seems clear that you will lose marks.