6. If we conclude that there is some knowledge we should not pursue on ethical grounds, how can we determine the boundaries of acceptable investigation within an area of knowledge? Discuss with reference to two areas of knowledge. 

“Knowledge” – make sure you are clear and specific in your essay about what kinds of knowledge you are focusing on.  Make sure the marker can see precisely what aspects of knowledge you are discussing in each paragraph of your essay.

“pursue on ethica“pursue on ethical grounds” – First of all, the pursuit of knowledge can take many forms and your essay should have a variety of types of “pursuits.” As for “ethical grounds,” this also a broad area.  In some situations the ethics are drawn from professional standards within an AOK but on other cases the ethical foundation may come from laws, regulations, religious doctrine, etc.  

“how can we determine the boundaries of acceptable investigation. ” – There are various ways to look at “determining the boundaries.”  There are different individuals and groups who determine the boundaries of acceptable investigations depending on the context.  Sometimes a researcher / artist / religious leader etc. makes the determination alone while in other cases it is a set of professional standards, a licensing body, or a government that determines the boundaries of acceptable investigation.

within an area of knowledge” – It could be argued that some areas of knowledge are broader and less uniform than others.  Regardless, this prescribed title asks how the boundaries are determined within an AOK. It is possible that your investigation within one AOK finds that the AOK has a fairly uniform way of “determin[ing] the boundaries of acceptable investigation.”  A different AOK, however, may have quite different ways of determining boundaries.  In the human sciences, for example, the ways in which psychology, criminology, law, economics, etc. determine boundaries may have some significant differences. 

“Discuss with reference to two areas of knowledge.” – Unlike many of the other prescribed titles in this session, your choice in AOKs is up to you.  Two AOKs only, though.