Once you get the set of prescribed titles for your cohort, the first step is going through each one and analyzing the key terms.

3. Does it matter if our acquisition of knowledge happens in “bubbles” where some information and voices are excluded? Discuss with reference to two areas of knowledge.

Does it matter” – Make sure that your essay clearly answers this question.  Your investigation of different AOKs and different specific examples throughout your answer may lead to multiple answers to the question which is perfectly fine.  Your essay does not have to have one definitive answer to this question – in fact an essay that has one definitive answer to this question is likely flawed.

Acquisition of knowledge” – This phrase shows up quite frequently in TOK essay prescribed titles.  (FYI another phrase that shows up often is “production of knowledge”).  Consider how knowledge is acquired in different AOKs and in different specific examples.

bubbles” – Consider different ways that different AOKs can operate in “bubbles” and exclude “some information and voices.”  For example, some traditional arts may try and set up barriers to prevent the traditional art from changing.  This can act in a positive way and the knowledge of traditional art may be passed on relatively unchanged.  From a negative point of view though, a traditional art that sets up barriers may prevent it from evolving along with other aspects of culture and it may be viewed as stagnant and out of date.

In other examples, criminology (the human sciences) has been making more use of mathematics and statistics and has been trying to include more information and ideas.  More and more police forces are using mathematical / statistical models to learn more about crime to better prevent and solve crimes.

some information and voices are excluded” – If you are considering May 2023 TOK Prescribed Titles #3 for your TOK essay may sure to examine a number of relevant specific examples that show how where “some information and voices are excluded.” You will need examples that show both that it matters and does not matter if the information and voices are excluded.

May 2023 TOK Prescribed Titles #3 and #1 are the only two where students have freedom to choose any two areas of knowledge.