Large corporations spend a considerable amount of time and money doing research to understand and influence consumer behavior.

The “process” may involve product design, naming, advertising campaigns, use of psychological research data etc. Whatever the goal is, these companies do gain information about people and their decision making.

In the case of a beer ad to what extent does the end result (increasing alcohol consumption) matter? From an capitalistic / economic / conservative point of view a company has a right and responsibility to increase sales. From a social health / liberal perspective the type of product being consumed (i.e the end result) is important.

This Dos Equis ad campaign relies heavily on the depiction of the central male character as an expert and places females in secondary roles. To what extent is this depiction of gender justified by the end result?

The end result may not just be an increase in beer sales for Dos Equis. The end result could also include solidifying harmful views on gender.