“In a retrial held decades after his conviction, a court on Thursday acquitted an 85-year-old man of a 1985 murder in Kumamoto Prefecture.

The Kumamoto District Court found Koki Miyata not guilty in the murder of his shogi partner Matao Okamura in Matsubase, Kumamoto Prefecture, more than 34 years ago.” https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2019/03/28/national/crime-legal/39-years-13-year-jail-term-85-year-old-finally-exonerated-kumamoto-murder-retrial/

The conviction rate in Japan is somewhere in the neighborhood of 99%. However, there have been multiple claims of police misconduct and complaints about a system that some say is biased in favor of police and prosecutors. In this case there are certainly issues of reliability of knowledge and a lack of certainty.