Understanding something – On on side, “understanding something” could be interpreted as understanding the basic fundamentals of atomic structure, poetic conventions, the causes of WWII, attachment theory in psychology, etc.  A solid (but maybe somewhat limited) understanding of a particular topic may not require the investigation of ‘What if…?’ questions.  

On the other side, “understanding something” could mean a much more in-depth knowledge of something.  This deeper level of knowledge may require a researcher, artist, etc. to look at ‘What if…?’ questions. Some significant breakthroughs in knowledge only happened because people took the extra step and asked ‘What if…?’ questions.

‘What if…?’ questions – You willneed to find RLEs that have and other that don’t have What if…?’ questions connected to them.  

To what extent do you agree – Any time this is in a TOK essay Prescribed Title keep in mind that with your essay as a whole it is very unlikely you that you are going to completely agree or disagree.  Remember your essay needs both claims and counterclaims to be successful.