2. “Understanding something requires being able to answer ‘What if…?’ questions about it.” To what extent do you agree with this statement?

To what extent is creativity important to developing in-depth knowledge?

This KQ works for an RLE where creativity is used to address a “What if” question. In this case it is very important that the essay clarify for the reader where the”What if” part the RLE is.

Breakthroughs often happen when someone answers a “What if” question in a creative way and this can lead to a deeper understanding of a topic.

How are investigations of hypotheticals key to gaining knowledge in ethics?

Some ethical theories / ideas cannot be tested in the real world and therefore discussions of hypotheticals are necessary. In other cases, the ethics of a hypothetical situation must be discussed before it is tried in a real situation.

To what extent does in-depth knowledge of mathematics require the investigation of hypothetical situations?

In what situations are investigations of hypotheticals necessary in mathematics?

The two previous KQs are phrased slightly differently but they could both address November 2020 Prescribed Title #2 in similar ways. The first KQ includes the phrase “in-depth” but both KQs could follow the same line on investigation regardless.