Too much – This phrase does not need all that much explanation here or in the essay. Clearly, a TOK essay on November Prescribed Title #3 does need to argue the “Too much” part of the statement.

Our knowledge / Ourselves / We – The “our,” “ourselves,” and “we” in the broadest sense could refer to humanity.  But it could also be interpreted in a narrower way.  “Our knowledge” could refer to the collective knowledge of people in an AOK or even in a very narrow area of expertise. “Our” could also be linked to a nationality, culture, gender, etc. A TOK essay on this Prescribed Title needs to look at RLEs where problems are caused by people not looking outside their own sphere.

As if we are the most important thing in the universe – You need to find and discuss RLEs where a kind of narrow-mindedness / confidence / arrogance can create problems.