4. “The process of gaining knowledge is more valuable than reaching an end result.” Discuss this claim with reference to two areas of knowledge. 

The process – This will differ with each AOK and RLE.  Even similar processes may be handled differently in different circumstances.  A slow methodical approach to getting a plane ready for takeoff is not appropriate in some military situations.  Look are carefully at the Knowledge Framework for the AOK you are considering for this TOK essay Prescribed Title.

Gaining knowledge – Knowledge is gained in very different ways for very different purposes.  The reason why knowledge in gained in an RLE may affect the process. Look carefully at the specifics of how and why knowledge is gained in different RLEs.

Valuable – Your essay as a whole should have RLEs where the process is more valuable and others where the end result is more valuable.  Keep in mind that a TOK essay needs claims and counterclaims – you may find RLEs where you can find elements where the process is more important and others where the end result is.

Make sure you consider the Knowledge Framework for an AOK and think carefully about the balance between process and end result.