Text: Excerpt from Corinne Mucha’s “9 Signs you are over you ex

Art RLEs can be used effectively in a TOK essay on November 2020 Prescribed Title #6. Art can be effective in producing and sharing reliable knowledge but there are ways in which it can lack certainty.

The content and style of this particular comic by Corinne Mucha are a solid match for this Prescribed Title.

Look at the some of the different elements in the cartoon and their links to reliability knowledge and certainty:

  • The style of the font of the title of the comic and “your ex” stands out
  • The two arrows emphasizing “your ex” in the title
  • The uneven / handwritten style of the font throughout the comic and how this parallels the uneven / personal frame of mind of someone who is having issues getting over an ex
  • The labeling of the different panels
  • The use of text boxes and speech balloons in each panel
  • Capitalization
  • The uneven borders / gutters
  • How each panel focus on different people and different issues
  • The stye of the drawing, including the exaggerated facial expressions