2. “Knowledge gained through direct experience is powerful but problematic.” To what extent do you agree with this statement? 

knowledge gained through direct experience” – The phrase “direct experience” could be interpreted in lot of different ways.  Is individual work more “direct” than group work?  How does the use of technology make things more or less “direct”? Make sure you can clearly identify the specific “direct experience” (or “indirect experience”) that exists in the AOKs and real-life examples in your essay.  Overall your essay could discuss a wide-variety experiences that have direct links to knowledge.

powerful” – There are different ways in which “direct experience” can be powerful. In some situations it is possible that direct experience produces more important or trustworthy knowledge but in other indirect experience may be more effective.  One type of experience can also have both positive and negative effects; some kind of direct experience may have a more powerful effect on an audience but at the same time it may have problems with bias.

problematic” – There are numerous ways in which direct experience (and indirect experience) can produce knowledge that is problematic.  Take a deep look into different AOKs and real-life examples and see the positives and negatives of both direct and indirect experience.