1. Within an area of knowledge is it more important to have credibility or power? Discuss with reference to the natural sciences and one other area of knowledge.

There are many aspects to credibility.  A person can have credibility because of their job title, research they have published, reputation, etc.  An institution can also have credibility because of its reputation, its history, ground-breaking research or products it is responsible for, etc.

An individual can have power for some of the same reasons they have credibility.  There can definitely be overlap between power and credibility but with this prescribed title you should focus on distinguishing between them.  Consider, for example, some world leader who have credibility but not much power and others who have a significant amount of power but not much credibility.

One exercise for this prescribed title would be to make a chart of individuals, institutions, publications, etc. and note how and why they have credibility and / or power. After that take a closer look at each one and judge whether in each case whether it is credibility or power that is more important.

With November 2022 prescribed title #1 is extremely important that you directly and clearly argue whether credibility or power is more important.  The importance must also be directly and clearly linked to knowledge.