Text: “Trudeau faced harsh critics in the EU Parliament this week. Here’s who launched the attacks.” CBC news. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/european-members-parliament-attact-trudeau-1.6397579

Extract: “When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently addressed the European Union Parliament and warned of growing threats to democracy, he received an angry backlash from some elected members who accused him of responding to the recent anti-vaccine mandate convoy protest like a dictator.

The public rebukes by a handful of far-right, populist and anti-vaccine members of the European Parliament claiming Trudeau violated civil rights in response to the protest that occupied Ottawa for almost a month went viral on social media.”

Certain types of “open-mindedness” were displayed on both side of the COVID / vaccine debate. In addition, the way the incident in the EU parliament was reported showed a certain amount of open-mindedness – some different news outlets portrayed the incident in very “open-minded” ways.