4. Why do we seek indisputable evidence when it is so often unattainable? Discuss with reference to two areas of knowledge.

The first key word / phrase is November prescribed title #4 is actually “why.”  It is important to recognize that this question isn’t focused on how, but why.  It may seem obvious but far too many TOK students lose marks in their essay because they have not focused carefully and precisely enough on the key words. If you choose this prescribed title, your essay might discuss how indisputable evidence is sought in an AOK or specific example, but only to the extent that it helps answer the why

Different individuals, groups, disciplines, etc. may have very different reasons for why they are seeking indisputable evidence.  Even two medical researchers can potentially have different motivations for trying to find indisputable evidence.   Consider the importance of “indisputable evidence” in different AOKs.

You need to look carefully at a variety of specific examples that will help you answer the “why” in the prescribed title.  Make sure the specific examples you focus on have direct and in-depth connections to the key terms in November 2022 TOK prescribed title #4.

“Seek” is part of the prescribed title and is not just a throw-away word between more important ones.  There are numerous ways in which individuals and groups “seek” knowledge and this is something to consider.

As for the word “indisputable,” you will find that there are a variety of standards as to when evidence becomes “indisputable.” Also, in some AOKs it may be more important than in others to find “indisputable evidence.”

The last specific key word / phrase in November prescribed title #4 is “unattainable.”  Make sure you consider why is it so difficult to find this level of certainty in the specific examples you are looking at. 

Your essay needs to not only address effectively each of the key words in November prescribed title #4, it needs to do so in a comprehensive way that brings the different threads of the prescribed title.