Text: “Inu no owari san” sung by Nonoka Murakata.

November 2022 TOK essay prescribed title #5 is focus on a discussion of measurement. Measure can play a role in the arts such as the judging in competitions.

The song in the video below is sung by two year old Nonoka Murakata in a children’s song contest. She won the silver prize. The video could be used either to argue that measurement is valuable or that measurement has a negative effect on the production and acquisition of knowledge. One the positive side, measuring a piece of art or an artistic performance can help distinguish between different levels of performance. Measurement can also be a way for an artist to improve. On the other hand, art is extremely individualistic and the scores given may bu subject to bias and might not be completely valid. In addition, if the the goal of a piece of art is to get a higher score, that could negatively affect the artist as well as the audience.