The TOK exhibition is a new addition to TOK (starting in the May 2022 cohort) and as a result there are fewer resources available.  It takes the place of the TOK presentation in the older curriculum.  The exhibition counts for 1/3 of the overall mark.  It is an internal assessment which means it is marked by the teacher and marks are moderated by the IB.

Key points about the TOK exhibition from page 29 of the TOK subject guide:

  • The IB “strongly recommends” students pick one of the TOK themes as a foundation for their exhibition.
  • The TOK exhibition is based on three objects that the student has chosen.
  • All three objects have to have solid and meaningful links to one of the IA prompts (there are a total of 35 prompts for students to choose from).
  • The exhibition can include the actual objects or photos of the objects.
  • Students write a commentary of each of the three objects (max. 950 words in total).
  • Students are required to put together a file to be submitted to the IB for moderation.
  • The TOK exhibition assessment is done individually – no groups allowed.
  • Students in the same class CAN create an exhibition on the same IA prompt.
  • Students in the same class are NOT ALLOWED to use any of the same objects.