The TOK essay Planning and Progress form (TK/PPF) must be submitted by all TOK students along with their essay. Essays can only be sent to the IB for marking if the TOK essay Planning and Progress Form is filled out and submitted.

The form plays no role in the marking of a student’s essay. However it is used by the IB in case there are academic honesty issues raised. The form also ensures that students have three interactions with their teacher about their set of prescribed titles.

Filling out the form should not take a lot of time. Get it done as early as possible – you do not want to be scrambling at the last minute. Every time you have one of the three formal interactions with your teacher fill in the relevant part of the document.

Once you have filled out your sections of the form you will have to submit it to your TOK teacher who will add comments etc. to the last page of the document. The form must be uploaded to the IB website along with your essay. Check with your TOK teacher for information about this process.