The TOK exhibition is focused on one of the 35 prompts and three “objects” chosen by the students. Review the prompt and object guidelines requirement and see how you could use the following for one section of an exhibition.

“Maxwell Johnson and his 12-year-old granddaughter were handcuffed in front of a Bank of Montreal in Vancouver while trying to open up an account on Dec. 20. He believes the employee might have been suspicious because he had $30,000 in his account — an amount he and every other member of the Heiltsuk nation received in December from the federal government as part of an Aboriginal rights settlement package. ”

Prompt #4. On what grounds might we doubt a claim? 

To what extent does institutional racism affect how people trust or doubt a claim?

To what extent does a news organization’s perceived reliability affect how people trust or doubt a claim?

Prompt #5. What counts as good evidence for a claim?

To what extent does race affect whether people believe a claim has good evidence?

Prompt #6. How does the way that we organize or classify knowledge affect what we know?

How does the way news articles are organized affect what is learned from the article?