The TOK exhibition is focused on one of the 35 prompts and three “objects” chosen by the students. Review the prompt and object guidelines requirement and see how you could use the following for one section of an exhibition.

BBC Article: “Kenya pollution: How air sensors are helping people fight pollution”

The subject of the BBC News article, John Keiti, lives in a part of Kenya that suffers from serious pollution. He borrowed air pollution sensors and set up a system that broadcast the data. As a result a local factory has had to improve it’s filtering system leading to cleaner air.

Prompt #19. What counts as a good justification for a claim?

To what extent is personally-collected data good justification for a claim?

Prompt #20. What is the relationship between personal experience and knowledge?  

How can a personal relationship to data collection affect knowledge?

Prompt #21. What is the relationship between knowledge and culture?

To what can or should scientific knowledge be linked to culture?