The TOK presentation process has some overlap with the essay. At the core, both are investigations of Knowledge Questions. There are also a number of common terms in the presentation and essay assessment instruments. But in a few important ways, the TOK Presentation is unique.

Keep in mind the following outline of the TOK presentation process is not exhaustive nor is it the only way it can be done.

  1. Work extremely hard on any school assignments you are given in your first-year TOK class. You may not immediately realize it, but these assignments are designed to build the skills and knowledge you will need on the TOK presentation.
  2. Carefully read the TOK presentation guidelines and assessment instrument.
  3. Read, analyze, and annotate sample Presentation planning documents (TK/PPD). You need to have a clear understanding of this document before you start working on your presentation. The current TK/PPD is a bit different from older versions.
  4. Watch sample TOK presentations but keep in mind how important the TK/PPD is compared to the actual presentation.
  5. Pick the Real Life Situation and Central Knowledge Question that will be the core of your presentation.
  6. You will have an initial meeting with your teacher to discuss your ideas.
  7. Later on in the process you can have a a second planning meeting with your teacher to discuss your ideas in more detail and depth.
  8. Examine the Different Perspectives in your Real Life Situation.
  9. Research subsidiary Knowledge Questions and other Real Life Situations.
  10. Decide whether you will do your presentation alone, in a pair, or in a group of three. If you work with others you must get the same mark.
  11. Keep adding to the TK/PPD as you develop your presentation. Do NOT wait until the last minute to start.
  12. Keep track of your sources. These must be acknowledged in your presentation.
  13. As you add to your presentation make sure it has coherence and unity.
  14. Have another close look at past Presentation planning documents (TK/PPD).
  15. Work on your presentation skills. These aren’t assessed but they are important in the long term.
  16. You can have a final meeting with your teacher before your final presentation where you can discuss your presentation’s final outline.
  17. Submit your TK/PPD to your teacher BEFORE the presentation. This is required by the IB.
  18. Do your presentation.
  19. Your teacher will add your mark and comments to the TK/PPD and it will be submitted to the IB for moderation. Keep in mind the mark your teacher gives you for the presentation may change as a result of IB moderation.
  20. You are done!