Ishigaki Rin’s poem “Gake (Cliff)” in translation:

Rin, Ishigaki. “Cliff.” Ed. Makoto Ooka and Shuntaro Tanikawa. Modern Japanese Poetry: One Hundred Years (n.d.): n. pag. Cirje: Centre of International Research on the Japanese Economy. Web.

May 2021 prescribed title #6 works well with RLEs in the arts since the creation of works of art and their interpretation is easily affected by bias.

The poet’s choice in topics (e.g. WWII, Japan, gender) are to some extent a result of bias. This bias, however, is not necessarily negative as the poet is focusing on topics that she has a more immediate connection to.

A translator can easily be affected by bias in interpreting the original poem and choosing how to write the translation.

The reader of the poem may also be affected in a number of ways by bias. The reader’s choice to read and study the poem may be a result of bias – someone with an interest in WWII, Japan, gender issues in poetry, etc is going to be biased in a way that makes it far more likely that he or she will take a careful look at the poem. The interpretation of the poem itself is of course very susceptible to bias.