Article: Lasers reveal Maya war ruins

“ARCHAEOLOGISTS GUIDED BY laser images of a remote region of northern Guatemala have discovered 20-foot-high walls, watchtowers, and other evidence that ancient Maya societies waged large-scale warfare over many years. The finds have upended long-established impressions of a civilization that tamed the jungle and built thriving cities, then declined and disappeared beneath the dense tropical forest.”

May 2021 TOK Prescribed title #6 is a look at the positive and negative impact bias can have in the pursuit of knowledge. This RLE has some different links to bias

  • How bias may have affected the decision to conduct this type of research
  • How bias may affect whether or not certain kinds of researchers accept the new findings
  • How bias may affect how the research is accepted by local modern-day Mayans
  • How bias may affect the degree to which researcher value the knowledge of local modern-day Mayans