Text: “Japan: From vaccine hesitancy to vaccine success.” BBC.com

Extract: “With just seven weeks to go until the Olympics, only 3.5% of Japan’s population had been fully vaccinated. While friends in the UK were merrily posting vaccine selfies on social media, here in the capital Tokyo, we were joking we might not see a needle till Christmas.

With the Olympics about to open, it seemed astonishing the Japanese government had bungled the vaccine rollout so badly.

Six months later, it couldn’t be more different.

Not only has Japan succeeded in overcoming the early chaos, it’s managed to get a higher percentage of its population vaccinated than almost anywhere else on Earth. Some 76% of Japanese are now fully immunised.” https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-59342308

This article demonstrates the fact that in some ways the pandemic is about mathematics and the natural sciences but in many other ways it is about culture. The way the Japanese government and citizens have handled the COVID crisis is clearly linked to some extent to culture.