Text: Dasgupta, Sravasti. “Bangladesh destroys 3,000 shops belonging to Rohingya Muslim refugees.” https://www.independent.co.uk/asia/south-asia/bangladesh-rohingya-muslim-refugees-shops-b1987162.html

Extract: “Authorities in Bangladesh have bulldozed over 3,000 Rohingya shops in the last month calling them “illegal”.

In a statement to AFP, the country’s deputy refugee commissioner Shamsud Douza confirmed the figure and said that the “illegal shops” had been cleared as “the number of Rohingya is increasing”…

While Mr Douza said that relief groups were ensuring the refugees were still getting daily necessities, members of the Rohingya groups said that the shop owners are struggling to survive.

“Rohingya families are large and the amount of food ration given to them is decreasing. Many families used to rely on the income from the shops,” said Khin Maung, a Rohingya community leader and rights activist.”

This news article included very different points of view on the destruction of the shops. These conflicting reports do give a broader overview of the situation and the article could easily be used to investigate “a world of difference between truth and facts.”