Text: “COVID-19 testing in schools works. So why aren’t more doing it?”

Extract: “Asymptomatic screening dramatically increases case detection among students and staff in the K through 12 setting,” says M. Jana Broadhurst, a microbiologist at the University of Nebraska Medical Center who led the team that designed and implemented pilot programs for the school district. In other words, regular testing of all students and staff will catch far more COVID-19 cases than simply testing those who demonstrate COVID-19 symptoms or have a known exposure to the virus. Catching those cases is crucial to nipping outbreaks in the bud and keeping kids in school and healthy.” https://www.sciencenews.org/article/covid-testing-school-works-coronavirus-pandemic-reopening

The research, testing, and vaccine development related to COVID-19 certainly shows the importance of knowledge in the medical sciences. However, the unwillingness of some people and groups to get the vaccines show that knowledge of medical science alone isn’t sufficient.

Does the pandemic demonstrate that knowledge in the natural sciences is more important than knowledge in other AOKs?