Text: Jason Burke and Zeinab Mohammed Salih. “Young Sudanese archaeologists dig up history as ‘west knows best’ era ends” The Guardian. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/dec/27/young-sudanese-archaeologists-dig-up-history-as-west-knows-best-era-ends

The Guardian article discusses how many local voice hav been “excluded.” The article details how a significant amount of archaeological research has been done by visiting western researchers and and discusses how locals were only minimally invovled.

A quotation from the article: “It is very important that Africans do African archaeology … because then we will have our own archaeological cultures. There is a lot we understand because we are from here. The idea that people from the west know best is changing,” said Sadiq.”

How does this article demonstrate that it “matters” if archeological research is done in a western bubble that excludes locals?