Ishigaki Rin’s poem “Gake (Cliff)” in translation:

Rin, Ishigaki. “Cliff.” Ed. Makoto Ooka and Shuntaro Tanikawa. Modern Japanese Poetry: One Hundred Years (n.d.): n. pag. Cirje: Centre of International Research on the Japanese Economy. Web.

A reader who interpreters / analyzes the translation above may not come quite the same conclusions as someone who is studying the original text in Japanese. Some would argue that the original poem deserves more attention and is more valuable and artistic than the translation. However, the translator has added some things to the poem that were not there in the original that definitely contribute to its impact.

Also, the reader-response school of criticism argues that the reader’s response to the text is as important as the author’s intent in the original Japanese poem. From this point of view, both sides may deserve equal attention.