“A couple from Kingston adopted the twin girls from Vietnam when they were 18 months old. Both have Alagille syndrome, a disorder that affects internal organs. The girls’ father, Michael, was a genetic match — but he could only donate part of his liver to one of his then-three-year-old daughters. Doctors decided which of the twins would receive the liver transplant from their father after the family said it could not make the heart-wrenching decision.” https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/anonymous-donor-kingston-1.3728111

There are some RLEs that can be used for a number of Prescribed Titles and this is one such example. Although it requires a bit of creative thinking, this RLE could be used for any of the November 2020 TOK essay Prescribed Titles.

There are also a number of ways this RLE could be used in an essay on a single Prescribed Title, such as November 2020 TOK essay Prescribed Title #2. From an ethical perspective, there are philosophical “What if” questions but there are also concrete medical “What if” questions that medical teams must consider before performing difficult procedures. Even the parents have some important “What if” questions.