Article: Indigenous Ainu university student shares her culture with the rest of Japan on YouTube

“TOKYO — A Japanese university student with Indigneous Ainu roots has taken to YouTube to share her culture and language, which she has learned to embrace over the years.

Maya Sekine, 20, runs “Sito Channel,” whose name comes from Ainu grain dumplings called sito. The third-year student at Keio University in the nation’s capital has made videos teaching viewers about ways to say phrases from daily life in the Ainu language, such as “I want to go to karaoke,” or “Don’t you have someone you like?” She also introduces her audience to traditional Ainu culture, including songs and cuisine.”

The “ourselves” in November 2020 TOK Essay Prescribed Title #3 can refer to an cultural group. In the case of Japan and this RLE, the dominant ethnic group of Japan has had a tremendously negative impact on the indigenous Ainu whose culture is on the verge of extinction.

If the mainland Japanese in the past had been more open-minded and less concerned about dominating the Ainu, the situation would be less problematic for the Ainu.