The ad below is for a huge (15+ kg) rifle sold in the U.S. and elsewhere. The TOK exhibition is focused on one of the 35 prompts and three “objects” chosen by the students. This ad could be used as an object. Consider how this article fits the prompts below.

26. Does our knowledge depend on our interactions with other knowers?

The ad itself is not a great match for this prompt but the issue of gun rights does fit. There are organizations on both sides of the gun debate in the U.S. and participation in those organizations does have a considerable effect on the knowledge of the individual members.

27. Does all knowledge impose ethical obligations on those who know it?

Both sides of the gun debate argue that that people in their “camp” must take action to defend their rights.

28. To what extent is objectivity possible in the production or acquisition of knowledge?

The guns rights issue in the U.S. is highly divisive and it is fairly difficult to get people to look objectively at points / arguments they do not agree with.

29. Who owns knowledge?

This particular ad was criticized by the Italian government since it owns a related copyright. The company ended up apologizing for the ad and withdrawing it.

30. What role does imagination play in producing knowledge about the world?

This prompt is not a great fit for this object.