The TOK exhibition is focused on one of the 35 prompts and three “objects” chosen by the students. This magazine cover could be used as an object. Consider how this article fits the prompts below.

31. How can we judge when evidence is adequate?

There were (and continue to be) different theories about the death of Princess Diana beyond the simple explanation – a car crash. Some of these theories fall into the “conspiracy theory” camp. Some people (or groups of people) seem to judge that any evidence that supports their claim is adequate and no evidence that contradicts their claim is adequate.

32. What makes a good explanation?

Consider the differing explanations for the death of Princess Diana or differing explanations for her conflicts with the Royal family. What kinds of evidence are sufficient to support the explanation?

33. How is current knowledge shaped by its historical development?

Current knowledge on Meghan Markle may definitely be affected by historical knowledge of Princess Diana’s conflicts with the Royal family.

34. In what ways do our values affect our acquisition of knowledge?

People’s values that are in general terms for / against the Royal family can affect their acquisition of knowledge. People tend to be more skeptical of ideas / knowledge that contradiction with their own beliefs.

35. In what ways do values affect the production of knowledge?

This prompt is obviously almost the same as #34 with the change in from “acquisition” to “production.”