The following sample is a rough start to a TOK presentation. Make sure you look carefully at the TOK Presentation Assessment Instrument and the requirements of the TOK TK/PPD document. When you put together your own complete presentation you must ensure it meets the requirements of both.

Real Life Situation: An elephant in Kenya killed two people and then buried them. (Elephants sometimes bury their own dead under leaves and stay with the body for days after the death).

Central Knowledge question: To what extent can scientists measure the emotions of animals? 

Subsidiary knowledge question #1: How does emotion affect scientific research ? (This could look at how the emotion of the scientists, the public, etc affect how research is performed or received).

Subsidiary knowledge question #2: To what should ethics regarding animals be based on animal’s emotions? 

Other real life situation #1: Jaak Panksepp’s experiments which show that rats laugh when they are tickled. 

Other real life situation #2: Because of Robert Elwood’s research that shows that lobsters can feel pain, there is a movement to stop them being boiled alive.