2. To what extent do you agree with the claim that “there’s a world of difference between truth and facts” (Maya Angelou)? Answer with reference to two areas of knowledge. 

“To what extent do you agree” – There are very rarely cases in TOK where an argument is 100% for or against something.  If your whole essay completely agrees or completely disagrees with the statement you may likely not do well.  You need to find a variety of specific examples that show that there is and is not a “world of difference between truth and facts.”  Overall your essay may lean one way or the other or may end up squarely in the middle.  It is important that you make it clear to the marker that you clearly show the extent to which you agree with the statement – it is essentially the thesis of your essay.

“there’s a world of difference between truth and facts” – Your first point in exploring this prescribed title is having a solid understand of the meanings of “truth” and “facts” and you can start by reading a variety of dictionary definitions.  They are obviously not the same but there is of course overlap between them.  Additionally, these words have different meanings in different AOKs so your discussion of “truth” and “facts” will vary depending on what AOKs you are focusing on.  For example, “truth” and “facts” in literature are quite different from “truth” and “facts” in chemistry.  

After you have a solid set of specific examples in two different AOKs you need to critically examine how they show that there is (or is not) “a world of difference between truth and facts.”

“Maya Angelou”  there is no benefit to researching Maya Angelou or researching the original context behind the quotation.

“Answer with reference to two areas of knowledge.” – Unlike many of the other prescribed titles in this session, your choice in AOKs is up to you.  Two AOKs only, though.