Disagreement – This word can mean different things in different AOKs and in different RLEs.  Each AOK tries to resolve disagreements in different ways.

Knowledge claims – The TOK essay must clearly identify the knowledge claim in the RLE that is being disputed.

Needs – Some AOKs have a greater need than other to resolve disagreements.  The methodology of mathematics and the sciences, for example, is designed so that researchers can reach consensus.  The arts does have some disagreements that need some form of resolution.  

Resolved – How are disputes resolved?  Consider how disputes in ethics are debated and resolved in ways that compare and contrast to how disputes are handled in history, for example.

Essential – Under what circumstances is it essential to give .  Essential is quite a strong word and RLEs should be chosen carefully so that the situation in the RLE is a powerful as the word “essential.”

Equal attention– Equal attention does not necessarily mean the same attention.  Both side in the vaccination debate may get equal attention in social psychology research project but they may not get the same kind of attention.

Both sides – Each side of the dispute in the RLE needs to be clearly identified. A “side” could refer to a person, a government, a school of criticism (e.g. Marxism), etc.

What circumstances – The circumstances could refer at first to a particular AOK and then to an RLE within that AOK.  The same AOK will have different circumstances where it is good or bad advice to give both sides equal treatment.

Good advice – Who views the equal treatment as good advice?  This phrase should be linked in the essay to a Different Perspective.  A good TOK essay on this Prescribed Title should provide evidence of people / organization etc. that view it as good advice.