A previously published page https://toktips.com/november-2020-tok-essay-prescribed-titles-knowledge-questions/ is a place to start for Knowledge Questions. Some of the additional ones listed below also include a brief explanation.

Make sure your Knowledge Questions focus on the Prescribed Title and lead to an in-depth discussion of knowledge in a Real Life Example.

A single Knowledge Question does not need to include all of the key terms in the Prescribed Title. However, each Claim/Counterclaim section of your essay should discuss as much of the Prescribed Title as possible. The essay as a whole must comprehensively address the entire Prescribed Title.

1. “If a disagreement about knowledge claims needs to be resolved, then it is essential to give equal attention to both sides.” Under what circumstances is this good advice?

KQ: To what extent does reaching consensus in mathematics require opposing views to receive equal treatment?

KQ: To what extent does the justice system require both sides in a disagreement to get equal attention in court?

The justice system in each country is very different and the discussion of a KQ like this will depend on where the RLE is located. Each justice system can give “equal attention to both sides” in different ways.

KQ: How does the value of piece of literature compare to it in translation?

KQ: How does study a text in its original language compare to studying it in translation?

These previous two KQs are not directly connected to the Prescribed Title so the links must be clear in the discussion. There are numerous RLEs where there is an argument about the value of a translation of a piece of literature. In some cases the translation may add an element that wasn’t in the original text.

KQ: In what situations is it essential to give scientific and pseudoscientific claims equal attention?

Perhaps due to the influence of social media, there seems to be a dramatic growth in beliefs that are not supported by evidence (e.g. antivaxxers, flat earth, the 5G/Coronavirus conspiracy). Although it might be easy to dismiss these claims outright, there are reasons to give both sides equal attention. First of all, even outlandish claims deserve to have their evidence evaluated. Another way to give antivaxxers, flat earth’s, etc. equal attention is not neccearily to look at the claims themselves, but the psychological / sociological reasons behind the beliefs.

KQ: How does giving scientific and pseudoscientific claims equal attention lead to gains in knowledge?

This is a slightly different way to rephrase the previous knowledge question.