3. “Too much of our knowledge revolves around ourselves, as if we are the most important thing in the universe” (adapted from Carlo Rovelli). Why might this be problematic?

KQ: How does nationality affect knowledge acquisition in history?

The use of the word “nationality” in this KQ is linked to the “ourselves” in the Prescribed Title. “Ourselves” could be interpreted in a number of different ways depending on the RLE. This KQ would work with an RLE where someone’s nationality leads them to make some kind of mistake or leads them to reach the wrong conclusion.

A number of historians, for example, have made errors in judgement because they prioritized their own country’s perspective rather than basing their judgement on the evidence.

KQ: What effect does ethnocentrism have on knowledge acquisition?

This KQ is similar to the previous one except there is a greater focus on problems resulting from cultural differences rather than problems resulting from nationality.

KQ: How does a multidisciplinary approach improve research?

In this KQ the “ourselves” in the Prescribed Title is tied to an area of expertise. Researchers, academics, etc. sometimes make mistakes because they are too narrowly focused and they don’t see the wider perspective.

KQ: How does the observer effect affect research results?

The phrase “the observer effect” highlights one way the “ourselves” in November 2020 Prescribed Title #3 can be approached. The observer effect refers to a situation where a researcher is unknowingly affecting what he / she is trying to observer and thus the results are negatively affected.

KQ: To what extent does ambition affect knowledge acquisition?

This is a more individual / personal / emotional interpretation of “ourselves” in November 2020 Prescribed Title #3. There are certainly a number of RLEs where someone’s ambition has had a positive or negative affect.

KQ: How does the scientific method affect the individual influence of scientists?

This is someone what similar to the previous Knowledge Question but is more specific to the way the scientific method works to remove potentially negative influences of one person.